How to make a smoothie

This interactive is part of an illustrated series on the building blocks of an essential dish. The interactive introduces the basic concepts while acting as a primer for a recipe round-up of the item. In this case, smoothies.

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Dinner in Minutes Pantry

This interactive was designed as a companion piece for our re-vamped Dinner in Minutes column by Bonnie Benwick. Each item was photographed over 4 days by staff photographer Matt McClain, while I was the main food stylist. The idea was not only to create beautiful photos of standard pantry items but to teach new cooks the WHY behind their selection. The final images are also intended to be used on Instagram as a teachable post on each ingredient.

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Fitness Fads

The idea for this project came out of brainstorming session with the Local Living team. It was later assigned to Caitlin Gibson, a features reporter. After researching and narrowing down what 10 fads Caitlin would be writing about, I commissioned Martin Tagnola to illustrate 10 gifs to be used online. A video was also produced to correspond with the project. This story ran online under the style vertical and a few days later in print where it was picked up by the daily Style section. 

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Japanese War Brides

This project was initiated by the writer Kathryn Tolbert. It is based on her documentary "Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: The Japanese War Brides". The video slideshows Kathryn created during the year-long research process informed the design of this project. With over 30 slideshows we were able to edit which stories resonated the most. Portraits were shot for each of the women we decided to highlight. Kathryn's narrative was edited to fit with this visual approach.

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